Alpine/Kiko/Boer doe(Truffle) in milk wBuck kid(Fudge) Alpine/Sannen/Kiko/Boer

US$375.00 US$350.00

Truffle is 1/2 Alpine, 1/4 Kiko, 1/4 Boer doe in milk and 1st time freshner. She had 1 Buck kid(Fudge) this year who is Alpine, Sannen, Kiko, Boer, double lines of both dairy and meat. She is trained to the milk stand, friendly and will be easy to train for milking. We breed here for both full size meat and dairy goats depending on bucks or does. I will not sell separately, I have way more bottle babies then I have goat milk now to feed them all from selling other Mom's in milk. Only selling to thin herd and not in a hurry but may not keep her in milk if she remains with us, as I have plenty of goats to milk already. ;)

Pick up only here at the farm. We do not deliver.
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