Hello, I'm so glad to have you join us here at our Shelby family farm website!

WE HAVE RAW GOAT MILK CURRENTLY FOR ONLY $5.00 A HALF GALLON!  Pick up only, here at the farm in Dandridge, TN. Great for crafting like soap making, weaning of puppies or other animals, and supplemental vitamins and nutrients for all animals. I must post that the milk per Tennessee Law is not for human consumption because this is raw milk and not pasteurized. 

A little bit about us. We're a little family farm here in East Tennessee Est. 2021 on 5+ acres with my husband and I, just doing our best to provide food for our family as well as provide food, good breeding stock and pets for those who are wanting to get started in raising their own animals and homesteading. Here at the farm currently we have, milking dairy goats (Saanen, Alpine, Nubian), meat goats (Kiko, Boer), meat and pet rabbits (New Zealand, Flemish Giant, Rex), lots of chickens of all varieties, mini chickens Mille Fleur d'Uccle (Bantams), Guinea hens, coturnix quail, ducks and turkeys. We have an online store for products that we produce here for sale and animals that are available too. We are located in Dandridge, TN and absolutely love it here! Please see map below for specific location.  We are here to stay and just looking for ways to help out our neighbors in the surrounding areas, while doing what we enjoy by raising these wonderful animals for many different purposes and making products from what they are able to provide us as well. Please check back frequently as we update the website and start to list our products available in our store, our site is a work in progress. I often get asked for recommendations on products that I use here on the farm and have created an affiliate page linked to the ones that I use and like, we do get a little commission if you purchase through our link to help support the farm but it does not affect the price you pay for the item. We would love your help if there is something that you are looking to purchase. ;) Thank you and if you have any questions or would like to inquire about an animal that is available, please send me an email to Shelbyfamilyfarm@gmail.com and I would be happy to help in any way I can. :)


We also do hydroponic gardening and own a large Harvest Right freeze dryer. I reference products pertaining to these as well and if you are looking to purchase a Harvest Right freeze dryer, please use the link below to purchase it as it will give the farm credit for the sale. We appreciate you! 


Jen and Dan