Freeze Dried Powdered Raw Chicken Eggs!! These are shelf stable and portable for travel!

US$12.00 US$10.00

Finally here! Freeze dried raw chicken egg powder for use in any recipe. So, easy to use by mixing 2 tablespoons each of powder and water to reconstitute 1 egg. Each bag contains an oxygen abosorber to keep the egg powder dry and moisture free plus a bakers dozen of eggs! That's 13 eggs, shelf stable per bag. The bag is also a reusable sturdy zipped bag in the style of a mason jar and labels on the front and back are disolvable when you are finished with your eggs.

Add them to your baking recipe, any meals or simply mix some up and scramble them. These are raw eggs and will require cooking. Perfect to take camping, hiking trips, any travel, keep in your trailer, baking recipes, for anyone with little or no fridge space too! These are being sold for pickup only at this time and no shipping or delivery. You can pay with paypal or cash at time of pickup. If you buy 2 the price is discounted to $20 for both and you would need to pay in cash for the discounted price at time of pickup. Thank you for your continued support of our small family farm! We appreciate you! :)