My name is Shelton, 3/4 Kiko & 1/4 Boer Buck

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This is "Shelton" 6 months old buck - 3/4 Kiko, 1/4 Boer intact buck, great meat lines. He was born on February 26, 2023 and named after Blake Shelton, since we had just seen him in concert that weekend! He'll make a great herd sire or weed eater. He's friendly due to being handled often and fully weaned. He does have his horns intact. He is one of two, his sister is pictured as well, in the second to last photo. He also gets along with dogs and chickens. Shelton has now been moved over into the buck pen with his father and a few other bucks we have. He just had his hooves trimmed and did great.

Mother is full Kiko. Father is 1/2 Kiko, 1/2 Boer and gentle but affective, who has thrown many great kids. Puka the father, is in the last picture. Both parents are still on property and available to view.