Milk goat (Clover) and doeling(Daisy) Sannen/Alpine/Kiko/Boer born 2/9/2024

US$400.00 US$375.00

This is Clover, a young Alping/Kiko/Boer mother, and her Saanen, Alpine, Kiko, Boer doeling, (Daisy), born 2/9/2024 bred for two lines of both dairy and meat goat. Not yet weaned, only because I don't want to have to milk another goat right now but want to keep her in milk for the buyer. They are being sold as a pair. Mom would sell separately for $225 and doeling for $175 if you don't want them both. I'm not in a hurry to sell and they will just stay here if no one needs a great family milk goat and/or a beautiful little doe breedable for next year. Her milk production is not huge but it's a good little amount and she will stand with grain to be milked. This is her first year to freshen, so udder and milk amount will improve with time.

Pick up only here at the farm, we do not deliver.
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