More Flavors of Goat Cheese Crumbles 10oz


We make lots of goat cheese here on the farm and I'm sharing it with you! Each container is 10oz of cheese. It is made fresh, weighed, packaged, labeled and then put into the freezer to preserve freshness until ready to thaw out and devour! ;) This kind of cheese does not melt and is a crumbled texture. It's sometimes refered to as farmer's cheese but this is with goat milk. Once thawed, just fluff with a fork and it will stay good for up to two weeks in your fridge. It's great on tacos, breakfast burritos, bean/meat burritos, salads, baked chicken dishes (cheese will crisp up, not melt) and pretty much anything you could think of to put cheese on. We also have a 2oz sample size that you can get for $2 to try it first and see how you like it (those can be purchased directly at the farm). Some prefer the sample size for travel and personal serving sizes. You can purchase at the farm with cash by appt. or place an order and pay through paypal, then come pick up at the farm. We appreciate your business!


We have multiple flavors available so be sure to check the other listings for goat crumble cheese for more!