Farm Fresh Free Range Chicken Eggs - unwashed and countertop stable or refrigerate


We have a large variety of beautiful laying hens here at the farm and they are busy throughout the day collecting free range food and converting that into awesome protein packed farm fresh eggs for us. We have more than we can eat and offer them out to you for purchase through our website. Sometimes they are different colors and eggs are collected throughout the day for freshness, inspected and then packaged for sale. They are not washed in order to preserve the natural bloom the hen places on the eggs to protect it from any bacteria getting in. So, you may see a little dirt from time to time but this is ok and do not wash it off until you are ready to use that egg. :) We just love our dark orange yolks of the free range chickens, letting us know that they are packed with great nutrition. 

Thank you for supporting our small family farm! We love bringing you great staple foods and treats of all kinds, check our other listings too!