Goats for dairy and meat

Published on 18 January 2023 at 11:51

Just wanted to add a quick update as our delivery times get closer for kidding with the goats. We have had many people want to know when we will have goats available to purchase. Last year we decided to keep all of our 6 girls and 1 boy. We sold 3 bucks. This year we will have goats for sale because I cannot keep them all! :) We do have a wait list already forming for those that are interested and will contact people in that order to offer what becomes available. Please contact me if you would like to get on the list or want to know what breeds we currently have and what will be coming up, of course we won't know the sexes until birth but we will know the cross breeds in each. Our buck is Boer/Kiko and our does are pure but we have different kinds, Kiko, Saanen, Nubian, Alpine as our breeder does. Thank you and keep on the look out for some really adorable kids coming soon!