Yes, yes, yes......we will have goats for sale next year!! :)

Published on 20 November 2022 at 11:54

I have been so blessed to meet so many wonderful people over this past year here at the farm who have come from all over to purchase our animals, eggs, milk and so on. Thank you all so much for your business that helps keeps our small family farm going. We will be adding some new products soon after the beginning of the year. I have had so many people love our goats here at the farm. We raise for both dairy and meat and have full size goats here. This past year we were able to increase our herd by many kids born on the property and it was so amazing. We are in the breeding process again this year and yes, we will be able to offer goats for sale next year! We are starting a waiting list for those interested and we will be having two different kidding dates here on the farm if all goes well. Our main adult herd started breeding in October so, first kidding should start in March-April of next year and then again with our new little does in July-August, fingers crossed but we will keep you all updated. Thank you again and wonderful and happy holidays to you all! Jenifer and Dan