Let's use some of these fabulous freeze dried ingredients and see how they come back to life. :)

Published on 22 July 2022 at 13:43

Well....... I was being a little lazy on this dinner and didn't want to fuss and do a lot. I had thawed some hamburger meat but that's about it. I found this double cheeseburger macaroni Hamburger Helper and thought, why not. However, I didn't have exactly a pound of meat, it was shy by about 1/4 pound and I wasn't sure if this would be enough dinner for the two of us. So, I decided to try out some of the amazing freeze dried veggies I've been making and see how they work. It was awesome! I sprinkled some freeze dried chopped sweet onion in with the meat as I cooked it. Then drained off my grease. Added the rest of the ingredients per the box and added in a large handful of both freeze dried chopped tomatoes and corn. Dinner came out great and the taste was as if they were out of the pantry and fresh. I'm really amazed at how easy it was to use them in a recipe. I will keep jars close for cooking now and add in whenever I feel a recipe could use a boost!! :)